Shelley Elswick

President & Co-Founder

About Shelley

Shelley is also a mother whose family was impacted by substance use disorder. Through their personal journey, and born out of her own desperate need to find truly helpful resources for her son, Shelley became an avid reader in the field of addiction and recovery. She uses her education and lived experience to advocate for those seeking long term recovery.

In 2015 Shelley co-founded Voices Of Hope and serves as President of the Board of Directors. Her visionary leadership is a driving force for the recovery movement both here in Lexington and across Kentucky. Shelley works tirelessly to connect others with the hope that her family came to know firsthand on their journey toward healing through recovery.

Shelley is a veteran accountant of 30 years, including ten years as a tax accountant. She serves as financial manager for a local company and as volunteer treasurer for numerous local nonprofit boards.

 Shelley is a past recipient of several awards, including the Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service Governor’s Award for Volunteer Service and the 2016 Robert Strauss Advocacy Award from the Kentucky School of Alcohol and Other Drug Studies.