Recovery Community Center

A recovery oriented sanctuary

What is a recovery community center?

A Recovery Community Center (RCC) is a recovery oriented sanctuary anchored in the heart of the community.

It offers local networks of non-medical, recovery support services. 

Recovery Community Centers are peer-operated centers that serve as locatable resources of community-based recovery support. People do not live at these centers, but rather these resources can help individuals build recovery capital at the community level by providing advocacy training, recovery information and resource mobilization, mutual-help or peer-support organization meetings (e.g., Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, LifeRing), social activities, and other community-based services. They may also help facilitate supportive relationships among individuals in recovery, as well as community and family members. In turn, this increased recovery capital helps individuals initiate and sustain recovery over time.
Recovery Community Centers may also play a unique role that builds on professional services and mutual-help organizations, by connecting recovering individuals to social services, employment and skills training, and educational agencies.

Opening in November 2018, your RCC will deliver peer-to-peer recovery support services using its volunteer force as the deliverers of these services.

A recovery community center is not...

An RCC is not a drop-in center whose primary purpose is to refer and help people get into treatment

An RCC is not a place for people to simply hang out, watch TV, play cards or pool and attend a daily meeting. We are not seeking to duplicate existing resources.

What services will we offer? 

All-Recovery Meetings (ARM)

Recovery Training Series

Family Support Groups

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Social Events

Telephone Recovery support

How can you help make this dream a reality?

Call or email us for more information about our progress as our team prepares the recovery center.  Consider donating to help us reach our goal financially.

Social Capital is Important

A critical recovery nutrient for any community is a safe and supportive recovery environment that offers a variety of recovery supports. A Recovery Community Center (RCC) is a place free from stigma that offers peer recovery support to the entire Recovery Community, regardless of pathway.